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Private Label Skincare

Are you looking for Private Label Skincare products for your Brand ?

We are here to help. You do not need any formulation experience as we have a range of ready to order Private Label Skincare Products or alternatively we can formulate a unique customised product for your brand. The process is very affordable with no large investment and thus little risk. It is very easy. All you need is the inspiration of your own skin care brand and we will help with the rest.

We specialise in supplying clinical grade cosmeceuticals that will rival the top brands found in specialist clinics.

Beauty Product Cream
Who do we help?

If your a Dermal Therapist, Dermal Clinician or Skin Care Clinic owner that performs Laser, Microneedling, Epidermal Resurfacing or Injectables and your tired of showcasing other skincare brands and want your own exclusive range then we can help you achieve this which will not only encourage customer loyalty to your business, increase your professionalism and credibility but also amplify your profits. We have impressive formulations for pre- and post- needling creams and post laser creams and soothing healing creams post treatment in addition to ongoing cosmeceutical day and night creams  and serums to work synergistically with the cosmetic procedures you provide to enhance the overall effectiveness.

Are you looking for effective products with clinically proven key ingredients that give real results?

Lets face it most skin care products on the market are expensive moisturisers that smell and feel nice but do not deliver any real results. This is because they do not use effective clinically proven Key Ingredients or do not use the right amounts, the right form or delivery system.


At Private Label Cosmeceuticals we stock and recommend a large range of clinical grade gold standard cosmeceutical ingredients backed by research for effective cosmeceutical products that your customers will see the results, love and keep coming back for more!


So if your after premium effective cosmeceutical products that will rival the top cosmeceutical brands found in specialist clinics you have come to the right place!

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Clinically proven
Key Ingredients

We stock and recommend a large range of clinical grade gold standard cosmeceutical ingredients backed by research for effective results that will keep your customers coming back.

Chemically Conscious

We avoid the use of many ingredients that may cause skin reactions such as parabens, sulfates, PEGs, propylene glycol and more.

Increase your professionalism & profits

Tired of showcasing other brands in your clinic? Give your clinic the professional edge with your own cosmeceutical skin care range and enjoy the higher profits. We recommend 200-300% mark ups on our products.

Low minimum orders and affordable costs

If you have decided to create your own cosmeceutical skin care range  with effective, premium quality, clinical grade skin care that can rival the top brands then we can help you from the beginning with low minimum orders and affordable costs and continue to support you as you grow with high production capabilities.​

If you wish to create your own skin care brand but do not have the knowledge or production capabilities to then you have two options.

1. Contract Manufacturer

2. Private Label Service

  • They formulate a product from scratch for you

  • Minimum Orders usually 5,000 to 10,000 units per product.

  • Sample costs usually around $2000

  • Turnaround time between 6 to 12 months.

  • Expensive and a significant investment so requires risk.

  • We have  a range of formulated cleansers, creams and serums you can chose from or we can customize a unique product by adding your choice of Key Ingredients and scent to an already formulated and tested base.

  • Minimum Order of 10 units per product for Private Label Pre-Formulated products or 50* units for Customised Products.

  • Turnaround time 7-14 days.

  • Very affordable and significantly less risk.

*If you wish to use ingredients we do not stock then minimum orders may be greater to cover costs.

Create your own completely unique product or use one of ours to match your branding at an affordable price with no expensive overheads and low risk and best of all are the big mark up and high profit margins for your business.

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Why Use
Private Labelling Cosmeceuticals?

We use clinically proven key ingredients, some with encapsulated or liposomal advanced delivery systems (where required) to enhance stability and penetration for real results.

We are chemically conscious preferring to avoid ingredients such as propylene glycol, parafins, alcohol, parabens, sulphates, fragrances, hormone disrupters, gluten, dairy and other chemicals known to be problematic in sensitive individuals.


“ It has been such a pleasure working with Dr Michael thus far as he is very responsive with all levels of communication and has made the sampling process seamless for us. Dr Michael is professional, knowledgable, supportive and personable and we’re looking forward to creating a long lasting business relationship with him.”

Kylie, Brand Manager

(Full details hidden to protect the brands identity)

If your interested in developing your own uniquely formulated skin care brand then learn more about our Customised Product Service.
Alternatively if you prefer to simply relabel our Pre-Formulated Private Label Products learn more about our Private Label Service.
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