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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to supply high quality Australian made clinical grade cosmeceuticals using well researched and clinically proven key ingredients that offer real results. Consumers are becoming more savvy and now looking for products that offer results using proven key ingredients and delivery systems backed by science. Our range will rival any of the top cosmeceutical brands found in specialist clinics. Many of our formulations supply a comprehensive synergistic array of skin identical and cosmeceutical ingredients unlike many products on the market that may only contain one or two  hero ingredients.

PLC saw  the majority of Private Label Skin care products on the market were not considered cosmeceutial grade and thus wanted to make these products available.  Our aim is to supply affordable high quality cosmeceutical Private Label Skin Care with low minimum order quantities to small skin care businesses and start up skin care brands wishing to enter the cosmeceutical market but unable to afford the high start up costs. Typically cosmeceutical quality products tend to cost more than regular moisturisers as they contain more expensive ingredients however typical mark ups  are 200-300% making them highly profitable. They should be priced comparable to other cosmeceutical brands being in the $80 - $200 price range depending on the product and your market.


We also avoid the use various chemical ingredients such as certain preservatives, certain surfactants that can disrupt the skin integrity, propylene glycol, various polyethylene glycols, fragrances and others that are known to cause skin sensitivity reactions.

Unlike other Private Label suppliers we try to offer a range of packaging and scent options to make the products unique to your brand. We also offer a customised service for something completely different.

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