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Water Drops


Our recommendations

For our Private Label Skin Care range we recommend using opaque airless pump jars or bottles for creams as they protect the product from air (oxidation), light and also prevent contamination. This keeps the contents as stable and fresh as possible.

For lotions and cleansers we recommend using a lotion bottle with a top dispenser. We stock pump dispensers and disc dispensers.

Serum droppers can be used for less sensitive products such as anhydrous serums.


If using glass bottles toughened glass is the only way to go. If you supply your own glass packaging we are not held responsible for breakages during transit.

Types of Packaging we DO NOT Recommend

  • Clear Packaging which allows light in

  • Serum droppers for sensitive ingredients susceptible to oxidation

  • Open Jars allow creams to become contaminated.

We stock several packaging options which includes Matte black, Matte white and silver airless pump jar options for creams. We stock matte black and white dropper bottles for serums and black or white lotion bottles with either pump or disc dispensers for cleansers.

01 Blank Bottle.jpg
02 Blank Bottle.jpg
04 Blank Bottle.jpg
06 Blank Bottle.jpg
07 Blank Bottle.jpg
03 Blank Bottle.jpg

If you prefer alternate packaging we can help you source

the right packaging for your skin care brand. Alternatively you can source your own packaging which needs to be approved by us for its suitability. If you decide to use either of these later two options the minimum order quantity will be increased. Be sure to contact us to arrange it. 

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