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Creating Your Labels

Creating your labels for your Private Label Skin care is an important consideration as it will determine your brands image and thus success of your business. Well designed, high quality labels will convey professionalism and trust in your products and help you stand out from the crowd.

We supply premium quality Private Label Skin Care products and recommend you use a designer to create an equally premium label design to match your products and have them printed by a quality printing service. We give you everything you need to create your labels - measurements, ingredient list, recommended designers and printers and more!

Creating your labels is one of the most fun and creative parts of bringing your product range to life!


Label Design Options

1. Hire a Designer

We recommend if you have the budget and want a professional and polished look then hiring a professional is the way to go. We will supply you with the ingredient list in descending order to pass onto your designer. You will also need to ensure the legal requirements outlined below are also included on the label.

2. DIY Labels

If you are creative a budget friendly option is to design your own labels. There are a number of options available such as free online graphic design software, such as Canva, to iPad apps like Procreate which enable you to design your own labels for minimal expense. More expensive DIY options involves using software like Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher are also available.

Important Information

It is important that when designing your labels you need to be aware of the legal requirements that you need to meet.

Legal requirements for the label:

  • Product Name.

  • Full ingredient listing in descending order. This will be supplied to you once an order has been placed and paid for.

  • Quantity contained in the product. eg 30g

  • Contact details including a physical address.

  • The size of the text must be large enough to read and the layout clear and easy for the consumer to understand. The font size must be a minimum of 6pt but ideally higher.


These must be included on your label as they are legally required in Australia.

Recommended Information:

  • General storage and safety instructions such as: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN

  • CAUTION: For external use only. If irritation occurs, wash affected areas and discontinue use.

  • Store below 25 degrees Celsius & out of direct sunlight

  • Discard 6 months after opening

  • Directions for use


These are currently not a legal requirement in Australia however are in the EU and considered best practice.

Label Printing

We recommend Ultra Labels to print your labels. In our experience they provide the best quality labels at very competitive prices. Their labels stick very well whereas in our experience other labels do not stick as well and can bubble and peel over time. We recommend their PP Silver labels with a gloss laminate. They already have the die for most label sizes which saves you money.

Also note we do not apply the labels to the bottles. We will supply the final packaged product that will need to be labelled by you.


Screen printing your label design directly onto their bottles as opposed to applying a label offers a more high end, streamlined look, which is another option available to you.



Vial with Leaf.jpg


Product advertising includes labels, packaging, and marketing material thus you should be aware of your legal requirements to make sure you do not breach any regulations. Good advertising of cosmetics ensures that the person knows that the product is a cosmetic and not a therapeutic good.

You cannot make any false or misleading claims nor make any Therapeutic claims.

Typically a cosmetic may change the appearance or odor, cleanse, condition, maintain or protect the body. They affect appearance rather than the substance of skin. A therapeutic claim would be to prevent, cure or alleviate an issue. A therapeutic claims would also include it regulates or increases the production of collagen for example.

We have more detailed information in the Members section of this website for our customers which outlines the various Cosmetic Regulations in Australia as well as Advertising and claim substantiations Regulations so as a brand owner you are fully informed of your legal obligations.


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