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  • Q. Can I supply my own packaging?
    A. If you order more than 100 units you can send your packaging to us. We request you send 5% extra to allow for faulty bottles or breakages in transit. Any unused containers will be returned with each order. We cannot store your packaging so only send us the quantity being ordered. We need to approve the packaging before you send it to us. We do not fill tubes and will only fill glass if you accept that we cannot be held responsible for any breakages during transit.
  • Q. What does the prices listed include?
    A. Our pricing includes the product, the packaging & GST. The pricing excludes label design, label printing and freight.
  • Q. Can I alter the formulation of the ready to order Private Label Skincare range?
    A. Yes we can customize any of the private label skincare range to suit you needs as part of our customized formulation service. We can add or subtract key ingredients as you wish as long as there are no chemical incompatibilities. This could effect the minimum order quantities and possibly the price depending on what is required. You would also need to consider stability testing as it is a new formulation.
  • Q. Do you supply recommended retail price lists?
    A. No as the retail price will vary depending on your marketing and target market and where you position your brand in the market. We recommend to price them relative to other equivalent quality cosmeceutical brands. As a guide 200-300% mark up is standard with most products retailing in the price range of $80 - $150 depending on the product. Cleansers and cheaper serums around $50.
  • Q. Do you use fragrances in the ready to order Private Label Skincare Range?
    A. We offer a number of scent options from unscented to scented with natural essential oil blends through to synthetic fragrance oils for those who prefer rich complex scents. We have options to suit all preferences. If you want your products scented refer to the scents page to chose from the various options. Just let us know which one you want when ordering.
  • Q. Is PLC organic certified?
    A. We are not organic certified nor synthetic free however we are still very chemically conscious. This means all our products are free from parabens, alcohol, propylene glycol, hormone disruptors, sulphates, solvents, fragrances, gluten and dairy in order to reduce the chemical burden on the skin. We also avoid the use of specific surfactants which are known to disrupt the skin integrity.
  • Q. What is your refund policy?
    A. If products are faulty we will replace them immediately. Contact us within 48hrs of receiving your goods with a photo of the fault. We do not offer refunds for change of mind.
  • Q. Do you design and supply labels?
    A. No we do not design or supply labels. We will provide you with all the legally required information for you to either DIY or employ a designer for your labels. We can recommend designers and printers for your labelling needs.
  • Q. Will you apply my labels if I supply them?
    A. No this is not a service we offer. It is very quick and easy to do so on your end.
  • Q. Do I need to get my own insurance?
    A. Yes, we highly recommend that you source product and public liability insurance as your products are not covered by our insurance.
  • Q. What regulations do I need to comply with when selling my own brand?
    A. As a brand owner there are a number of regulations you need to ensure you comply with to avoid any regulatory issues that may arise in the future. We have a Cosmetic Regulations page in the site member's section of our website to refer to which outlines them in detail.
  • Q. Do you supply in bulk so I can package them myself?
    A. Yes we can supply in bulk. Contact us for bulk prices.
  • Q. Do I own the formulation?
    A. With Private Labelling the manufacturer owns the formulation. The Pre-Formulated private label range is sold to other businesses for relabelling, however with our Customised formulation service we ensure the formulation remains exclusive to your business and is not sold to any other business thus it remains unique to you.
  • Q. Is PLC TGA approved?
    A. TGA approval is not required for cosmetic products. We do however abide by ISO 22716 international standards which are good manufacturing practice standards that apply to the manufacture of cosmetic products. ISO 22716 approved standard operating procedures for all aspects of our business were developed to ensure the quality of cosmeceuticals supplied by PLC.
  • Q. What are your turn around times?
    A. Samples: 7-14 days plus shipping time Customised samples: 7-14 days plus shipping time 10-500 units per product: 7- 14 days plus shipping time 500-1000 units per product: 14 - 28 days plus shipping time We make all creams (including samples) fresh to order to ensure you get the maximum shelf life and the freshest product possible.
  • Q. What is the shelf life of your products?
    A. Due to the high potency of our products we conservatively assign a 12 month expiry to ensure the end user receives a fresh potent product.
  • Q. Do you ship outside of Australia?
    A. We currently supply within Australia and New Zealand. If you live outside these countries contact us to determine if we can supply you. It is up to each individual customer to research and understand the import regulations for the country they are planning to ship to. We hold no responsibility for products held or refused at customs, including any import duties, taxes or other charges that may occur.
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