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We have a range of essential oils,  absolutes and fragrance oils that can be combined to create your desired scent for your product.

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Below is a list of the essential oils we stock. You can use any combination of your choice.

Creating your scent can be a daunting task with so many options and combinations available however to simplify things first consider the type of overall scent your after. Do you prefer an overall Floral (FLO), Woody (WDY), Fruity (FRU) , citrus (CIT) or Herbaceous (HER) type scent?

Once you know the basic type of scent then you can blend it with other oils to create more complex notes.

Floral Oils blend well with woody, fruit and sweet oils.

Woody Oils blend well with just about all oils except Fruity Oils.

Fruity Oils blend well with most oils except woody oils.

Citrus Oils blend well with woody and spicy oils. Avoid blending with Floral Oils generally.

Herbaceous Oils blend well with woody oils.

Below is a few examples that may help!


Jasmine & Bergamot

Rose & Sandlewood

Rose, Jasmine, Bergamot & Neroli


Cedarwood & Lemmongrass

Rosewood & Bergamot

Sandalwood & Grapefruit

Sandalwood, Orange & Jasmine


Grapefruit, Lemmongrass & peppermint

Lemmon, Rosemary & Neroli


Chamomile & Lavender


Lavender & Sandlewood

Lavender & Orange

Lavender, cedarwood and Chamomile

We also stock several synthetic fragrance oils for those who prefer rich and complex scents and not concerned about using synthetic ingredients. These include:

La Vie En Rose is a beautiful fragrance with an intensely floral note. This fragrance is uplifting with a beautiful bouquet of fresh floral and peony note


Lily of the Valley - Vibrant florals of lily, jasmine, rose and gardenia are intoxicating on a spicy background.


Lime and Coconut - Fresh coconut and lime are blended with warm sandlewood.





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